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Our Makers

Hi my name is Salina Fosbery,

I am of Cree and Kahnawake descent, but I was raised by the Syilx communities of the Okanagan Valley.
Beading started as a hobby for me.
I enjoy making colourful and intricate patterns and I find that beading calms me. I often think about how the art form started and the materials and tools that were used back then while I work.
My eye for tight patterns and clean lines is partially due to my years as a welder and fabricator, which I put aside to become a full time stay at home mom to my four children who range in age from newborn to teens.
When my husband and I find spare time we often sew, puzzle or go offroading with our friends.

Yours truly,


Lynn Kelm is my Mother and she was born and raised in the Philippines 🇵🇭. As a little girl she used to collect shells and rocks off the beach and bead them onto purses to sell for candy. Now she is a highly skilled and talented bead weaver with a keen eye for refined and durable techniques. She is my rock of Woolly Bear Jewelry.