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Eden Pearl

Daughter to John and Lynn,
Wife to Michael,
Mother to sons Koda and Boone.
Residing in Westbank, BC on Tsinstikeptum IR 9 along the Boucherie Wine Trail is where the inspiration for many pieces of our wearable art were designed to reflect the surrounding landscapes and focal points of the Okanagan. 
Woolly Bear was formerly known as HawkMoth Bead Co. and it began in 2019. Self taught artists, Mike and Eden, wanted to educate themselves to incorporate teachings of art, music, and traditional culture in their children’s upbringing. It was essential to benefit their kin in a way to ensure they remain rooted with traditional skills and knowledge as they grew up as Filipino/Syilx/Canadians. This brand was born and became part of that fire.
Woolly Bear became the NEW shop name because our identity continues to transform and grow and I felt “Woolly Bear” better represented that continued growth. The name was inspired by a caterpillar I loved playing with as a child that had black and brown stripes. One day, in the middle of winter, my husband came home with a hibernating Woolly Bear Caterpillar he found while chopping wood. This happened only TWO days after re-branding and I took this as a sign that we were going in the right direction. A week later our Woolly Bear cocooned and not long after that an Isabella Tiger Moth emerged. She is the Moth that represents this very brand!
As Woolly Bear moves forward I, Eden, would like to clarify that I am not an Indigenous bead artist and that I am aware of how and why the assumption can be made. This company, however, is CO-OWNED Indigenous and those that support this company support an Indigenous family. They also support locally owned, women owned, family owned, Canadian owned, and marginally owned… etc. But this is a friendly reminder to those that share our product and business that Eden, the main Artist, is a Filipino/Canadian Artist and is assisted by two wonderful and beautifully talented makers Lynn and Salina.
Welcome and thank you so much for stopping by.